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When you need a replacement car key.



The reasons:
- The key gets stuck in the ignition or does not turn.
- The key does not open the car.
- The blade has visible damage.
- Broken or cracked car key case.
- Ignition key wear due to prolonged use.


- A worn key can break off and get stuck in a door lock or ignition lock. In this case, you will need to remove a broken piece of the key from the lock, which will lead to additional costs.
-By the law of the Murphy,  “If something can go wrong, it will.” at the most inopportune moment. The key can jam and the car does not start just when you are late for work or a meeting.


Be smart! 
At the first signs listed above, you should make a duplicate key; this will undoubtedly prevent unexpected expenses in the future.
Remember it is much cheaper to make a copy of an existing key than to restore a broken or lost car key.
The cost of repairing a car key depends on the make and model, as well as on the specific problem and malfunction.

See our prices here.

A worn, bad key




Several recommendations from EZ KEY EXPERT.


There are few things as efficient for home security than the residents being alert, interested and aware.

Just Imagine that you want to get into the house, what's stopping you in this?


Indoor and Outdoor Lights With Motion Sensor.

Install outdoor lighting with a motion sensor in front and behind your home. Believe me, this will help drive away uninvited visitors in the dark.


Security cameras system. 

Many thieves will not even come close to your house if they see that there are surveillance cameras there. Also, modern video surveillance systems have alarm function and automatically will send pictures on your smartphone or email in real time.


Deadbolt lock. 

If you have glass door make sure it's double side deadbolt lock installed on it. It's very easy break glass and open door if it single side lock.


Door security guard.

Research local locksmith and install Door security guard. This inexpensive improvement will make you feel more secure in your home.


Alarms system. 

Is not good point if you think that you need just alarm system. I had a customer who had been robbed in the afternoon. He left home for 2 hours and only forgot to turn on his alarm.


If you leave for a few days.

Warn your friends or trusted neighbors that you leave the house for a few days.

Leave the lights on some room.

And again do not forget to turn on the alarm in the house or apartment.

Good luck.

Increase your home security.

After 1998, almost all cars are equipped with a built-in chip (Anti-theft system) that allows you to start the car engine. 

How it works: After you have turned the key in the ignition lock the immobilizer of your car reads information from the key chip and if it is correct, starts the engine. 

Immobilizer it is an electronic security device installed in vehicle that prevents the engine from running unless the correct transponder car key is present. This device reduces motor vehicle theft.




Making auto keys with immobilizer is much more complicated than usual.
To do this we have to program vehicle immobilizer.

To make a duplicate auto-key with a chip, we need access to the car and a working key copy. The manufacturing process takes from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of programming the immobilizer.

EZ KEY EXPERT can also make keys without the original key. When all keys are lost, additional time is required to decode the lock.

For this work we use specialized locksmith equipment as lock decoder and key programmer. Some types of cars you need to register two keys, then you can start the engine.

Anti - theft system.

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